Who’s on Your Workers’ Compensation “A” Team?


Let’s face it – sports teams don’t win championships because of the actions of a few good players. They win with teamwork. That same kind of teamwork is needed to successfully manage your workers’ compensation program. Long before a claim is filed, you need to assemble a winning team and formulate a strong game plan so you can knock your goals out of the park.
Who do you need on your team?
The players you choose for your team can have a dramatic impact on your workers’ compensation experience and results. Here are some tips on recruiting and grooming superstars:
Your team is only as good as its leaders, so make sure management is onboard with making workers’ comp a priority, setting realistic goals, and building safety and injury management into every aspect of your operations
Don’t just make safety another regulation to comply with. Help your employees take ownership in the team by providing a safe workplace, easy access to training resources, and ongoing instruction on how to work safe. Showing them you’re serious about their health and well-being is the best way to get them to play their best game.

Workers’ compensation is largely a controllable expense if you have the right team in place. Heffernan Insurance has the expertise and industry clout to be a high-scoring member of your workers’ compensation insurance “A” team.
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