We developed a line of essential boosters to compliment the results you feel with UltraCell. Using The Mimetix™ Formula, our ULTRA line of products are hemp free and can be taken as a standalone or as a booster to UltraCell.

$9.95 Direct Medical Access

7  Great Benefits that can be used when needed.   Just click on the Benefit name for complete details.

  • Teladoc   Feel better now! 24/7 access to a doctor is only a call or click away—anytime, anywhere with no per visit fee. With Teladoc,
    Health Advocacy  Healthcare is becoming harder to understand. Personal Health Advocates help you find your way through insurance and healthcare systems.
    Doctors Online   The fast, easy way to get health information from an online resource you can trust.
    NurseLine™  You’re in good hands. You and your family have a place to turn to for trusted advice and information when you need it most.
    Health Wealth Connection   Resources and information to help you manage your health and personal finances. Whether you’re trying to lose weight,
    Pharmacy  Don’t pay full price! Save 10% to 85% on most prescriptions at over 60,000 pharmacies. Just present your card to save an average of 46% at locations nationwide
    Medical Bill Saver™   Major issues can add up to major bills! Call Medical Bill Saver™ and rest easy. Experts who know the ins and outs of billing practices will attempt to negotiate discounts on your behalf.

    Safe and Secure Enrollment just Ctrl/Click HERE

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Careful Hiring Practices: An Essential Step in Reducing the Incidence of Workers’ Compensation Claims

The home health industry needs workers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an increase of 1,208,800 new home health aide and personal care aide positions between 2016 and 2026.  Finding workers to fill those positions may be difficult, leading to worries of a major worker shortage. But despite the need for workers, there’s also a need for smart hiring practices. To keep workers’ compensation claims down, employers must take precautions.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

Home health workers face risks that can lead to injuries, and these injuries can lead to workers’ compensation claims. These risks include:

  • Musculoskeletal injuries, often the result of lifting or maneuvering patients
  • Automobile crashes, which can occur when workers drive from one patient’s home to another
  • Assaults, which can occur if patients or others become violent
  • Other accidents, such as tripping and falling, which can occur because workers are constantly visiting different homes with unique layouts and risks

These risks can be made worse if workers are not physically capable of performing essential duties, such as lifting or maneuvering patients, or if they use poor techniques when doing heavy lifting. Dangerous driving habits and criminal tendencies – including filing fraudulent claims – can also result in expensive workers’ compensation claims.

Although these risks cannot be eliminated entirely, careful hiring practices can reduce them.

Careful Hiring Practices


Who’s on Your Workers’ Compensation “A” Team?


Let’s face it – sports teams don’t win championships because of the actions of a few good players. They win with teamwork. That same kind of teamwork is needed to successfully manage your workers’ compensation program. Long before a claim is filed, you need to assemble a winning team and formulate a strong game plan so you can knock your goals out of the park.
Who do you need on your team?

Health Care Providers Insurance

Growth. Disruption. Innovation.

Times are changing in health care. Are your insurance and risk management programs keeping up?

With health care reform, a booming older population, industry consolidation, cyber risk, and evolving technology, there are a lot of exposures to consider in the health care industry. While change is good, it can create coverage gaps, oversights, and new exposures not considered by last year’s insurance.

MorningStar of Fort Collins Offers Assisted Living that Feels Like Home

Senior living at its best.

MorningStar Senior Living

Senior LivingMorningStar of Fort Collins senior care community consists of 55 private suites specifically designed for assisted living and offers spacious studio, one bedroom and two-bedroom floor plans.  In addition, we have another 24 suites in our Reflections Neighborhood devoted to the personalized care of those with Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related diseases.   Situated in the southeast side of the city, our beautiful building offers seniors a lifestyle of comfort, wellness and community.  

If you are a senior who requires help with the activities of daily living, our care team will provide the assistance you need in order to maintain your independence.  Once you decide to move into our community, you and your extended family will sit down with our Wellness Director to create an individualized care plan that meets with your approval and ensures your comfort and safety.  

Our assisted living offers five levels of care and the cost of…

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How the Gig Economy is Impacting Insurance

via How the Gig Economy is Impacting Insurance

How many employees does your company have? The question is not always as straightforward as it seems. In addition to the difficulties caused by turnover and counting part-time employees, we have a new complication. Gig workers are generally considered contractors, but this classification is being challenged. If these challenges succeed, many companies may have far more employees than they realize. This would have a significant impact on insurance.
Independent Contractors vs Employees