Are You Ignoring the Biggest Business Risk?

Businesses are familiar with this risk. After all the high-profile data breaches and ransomware attacks, it’s hard not to be. At the same time, like ostriches with their heads stuck in the sand, many businesses are ignoring the risk instead of taking action.

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MorningStar of Fort Collins Offers Assisted Living that Feels Like Home

Senior living at its best.

MorningStar Senior Living

Senior LivingMorningStar of Fort Collins senior care community consists of 55 private suites specifically designed for assisted living and offers spacious studio, one bedroom and two-bedroom floor plans.  In addition, we have another 24 suites in our Reflections Neighborhood devoted to the personalized care of those with Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related diseases.   Situated in the southeast side of the city, our beautiful building offers seniors a lifestyle of comfort, wellness and community.  

If you are a senior who requires help with the activities of daily living, our care team will provide the assistance you need in order to maintain your independence.  Once you decide to move into our community, you and your extended family will sit down with our Wellness Director to create an individualized care plan that meets with your approval and ensures your comfort and safety.  

Our assisted living offers five levels of care and the cost of…

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How the Gig Economy is Impacting Insurance

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How many employees does your company have? The question is not always as straightforward as it seems. In addition to the difficulties caused by turnover and counting part-time employees, we have a new complication. Gig workers are generally considered contractors, but this classification is being challenged. If these challenges succeed, many companies may have far more employees than they realize. This would have a significant impact on insurance.
Independent Contractors vs Employees

We can make a very favorable impact on your commercial insurance placements

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As an insurance broker dedicated to the senior living sector, I am amazed and impressed by how many of our current and future clients have expanded their resident services offerings in order to meet increased acuity levels and the socialization needs of residents and their families given the regulatory, legal and labor climate challenges that exist.

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